Each person has a different tolerance, in order to have a good experience we recommend following our dosage suggestions. Non smoking/beginners are adviced to eat no more than 10mg for the first time. Casual smokers we recommend 10-30mg. Advanced smokers we recommend 40mg+. Please note alcohol intensifies your experience, so drink with caution when enjoying an edible.
This is also down to the individual, overall it can take between 20mins to 2hours for the edibles to kick in, the vapes kicks in faster. We recommend eating the recommended dosage, allow 2 hours for full effect to take place, then you can eat more for a stronger experience.
If you feel nothing after 2-3 hours it is likely you ate less than your body needs. Sometimes eating an edible on an empty stomach can also cause a non reactive experience. We recommend eating a snack or meal after an edible for faster activation. You can also increase your dosage.
Firstly calm down, you are perfectly fine. You may feel a sense of paranoia, its normal to feel this way when you eat a higher dosage than you can handle. The best thing to do is drink cold milk, take a cold shower and try your best to sleep, you will feel a lot better when you wake up. The effect may linger a little for a day or 2 more.
CBD is non psychoactive and is used more for its therapeutic benefits, while Thc is psychoactive “gets you high” but still has the health benefits, such as helping to fight anxiety, depression,sleeplessness, pain etc.
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